Vampire: The Sabbat

Since the disappearance of the Red Star in 2009 CE, the Sword of Caine has undergone a dramatic and profound reckoning. The failure of Gehenna and the rise of the hunters has caused the Sabbat to pursue an unprecedented Blood Accord of non-aggression with the Camarilla and adopt the silence of the blood. The Sabbat now focuses its efforts on rebuilding its strength and coping with the realization that their centuries old beliefs may have been either misplaced or yet to be realized. This has caused the Regent to declare that the The Sword of Caine will utilize every tool possible to ensure its perseverance, to include trafficking in boons.

Many attribute their survival to the Regent and he has become something of a symbol of faith to the Sect, especially its younger members. Many have syncretized elements of Aztec faith to some degree into their rituals, mimicking Temoch, who they see as the younger generation’s Regent. Even if they don’t directly hold The Jackal as a religious figure, the prominence of Aztec elements ensures that many have seeped into the Sect’s nightly rituals.

As the Sabbat struggles to find its place in the modern nights, the Sect fortifies its Domains and works to build a new unified Sword of Caine. In these nights, many Cainites pass the time debating whether the Chicago Blood Accord should be renewed when the time comes, if new terms should be set, or if the Accord should be allowed to expire.