Vampire the Masquerade

Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact

His eyes are as red as the sun

And the girl in the corner let no one ignore her

Cause she thinks she’s the passionate one

            -The Sweet “The Ballroom Blitz”

CAiNE 2019: The Convergence

As the fears of Gehenna fade from memory, it has become clear that these nights are the Time of Reckoning. Two decades have passed since the Red Star first appeared, and the conspiracies that Kindred indulge in have resumed with their usual fervor. The game is afoot, and the Jyhad is very much alive.

A Regional Conclave has been called. Canadian affairs of the Camarilla have seen only intermittent conclaves up until now, and the gathering presents itself as an ideal moment to put forward the motions that will become Regional Camarilla Curiosities.

The Independent Alliance discusses the future of their new Sect and the possibility of a third Clan’s entrance. Behind closed doors, the Priests of Set preach of their God’s glory and prepare to welcome new blood to the fold. The Family gathers for dinner, discussing the matter of Promises broken both past and future.

When five Anarchs get together in the same place, it’s trouble. When fifty assemble, it’s a Call to Arms. With a dozen differing ideologies variously at odds, the Anarch Gangs get together to hash out their next steps. Situated in the shadow of the Tower, the Movement chafes within the confines of the Edict of Succession, and rumors regarding the United Free States circulate.

Come to the Ambassador’s Ball, a diplomatic gathering that seethes with barely concealed animosity. The future of the Blood Accord will be discussed, deals brokered, and boons exchanged. Whether you prefer to waltz, or if the fire dance is more your speed, the evening promises to be entertaining. A dance through fire both figurative and literal, the Harpy Royale and Cardinal Yitzhak jointly host the event from opposite ends of the hall.

Cardinals Yitzhak and Strathcona hold a celebration of the dead – the Festivo Dello Estinto. Dance through fire. Answer the call of the Wild Hunt. Feed the thirst. Revel in your nature as a Cainite, whip the beast into a fervor, and stare death in the eyes unflinching. Bring final death to the arrogant Archduke Louis Philippe De Valois and the haughty Marchioness Gabrielle De Longchamps, traitorous Volgirre.