Welcome Home

Welcome home.

No matter where you go in Canada, everyone seems to have relatives in the Maritimes.  And if, by some miracle, you don’t? We take you in and make you family.

Our family welcomes you into the House of Dark Tidings.  Sit down. Relax. Supper will be ready soon, but until then, we have coffee.  After everyone gets caught up and you’ve put your bags in the guest room, we’ll invite the neighbours over, play some games, put on some music, make some noise, and somehow all end up in the kitchen.  

We’re glad you’re here, and we’ll be sad to see you go.  In the meantime, though, we’ll make memories, take photos, have fun.

And next year, the reunion is at your place.  We’ll bring donairs.

– Anita Fougere


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